Alison & Greg's Next Big Adventure

Big news! I’m officially pregnant and will be too big to run our October camp this year.  Yes it has really happened.  Greg and I are going to be parents in another five months. The due date is October 23rd. We’re both thrilled and scared to death.  Haha!

I’ll keep everyone posted on our newest adventure!

Happy Trails!


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Congratulations Allison and Greg....I wish you the best!

Thanks!  We are scared to death but supper excited!<o:p></o:p>

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Great News!! Another MTN biker to cheer for in the 2030 Worlds!

Haha!  Thanks!  I sure hope this little guy loves riding as much as we do!!<o:p></o:p>


Congratulations you two! Greg - can't believe you didn't tell me this news when I was down at SRM the other week! I wish you two the best and wonderful joyful years to come with your new child. Cheers!
Big Congratulations Alison and Greg! We rode on the Rim Tours Colorado trail trip you won about 4 years ago. My big crash, Greg fixing my wheel and calling me "Steady Eddie", the nicest nickname I've ever gotten might remind you. My cousin Chris and I haven't done that trip since but maybe next summer. Also want to get Ursula out for the Moab camp at some point.

Sorry to hear about the Monarch Crest accident, hopefully the recovery is picking up some pace about now. The invite up to Aspen for skiing is ALWAYS good, you can get my contact info from Rim Tours if you need it.


Congratulations Alison Just found your website, so nice to catch up on your adventures.
Hello Alice! Dont know if you remember me. We met couple of times when I was in USA working in the hotel. We met through our friend Ron (I know he passed away :((...
I'm living in Moscow now.

Congratulations for your pregnancy! So happy for both of you!!!

Congrats!! Ariana and I are very excited!