Level I Coaching Certification!

November 17, 2013
After an exhausting weekend of almost four days of lectures, working groups, and power point presentations I am now an official USA Cycling Level 1 coach.  Am I a smarter coach?  Maybe.  But I did get to meet and network with over 50 talented coaches all sharing ideas, philosophies, books, websites and scientific research that will help me do a more effective job training my athletes.  (Hope you all are ready!)  Our co-presenters; Kristen Dieffenbach and Stephen McGregor were fabulous and did an outstanding job of pushing us out of our comfort zones.  I feel very inspired and motivated.  That was all tempered, however, when I got home and had to spend most of the evening trying to get Emmett our 3 yr old to sleep and wondering if there will ever be a day when I will get more than 5 hours of sleep at any one time.  Haha!  I guess you can sleep when you’re dead.

Here’s to new knowledge and the chaos that goes with it. 

Happy training everyone!