Ride the Rockies 2010 Day 1: The Colorado National Monument...again

Today was the official start to Ride the Rockies. The route was identical to yesterday's VIP ride. Except the sun was out and the skies were mostly clear when we woke up. Yeah!

After a yummy breakfast of all you can eat pancakes, eggs, and potatoes, we left on our bikes at 8am. Only 46 miles today so we didn't have to start super early.

The ride into the Monument was dry and warm. Much different than yesterday. At the second aid station up on top we noticed a wall of thick dark clouds coming in from the southwest. Time to keep moving.

About a mile from the start of the big descent off the plateau the skies opened up and started raining. We stopped quickly to put on rain gear and then rode down the big hill.  Chilly and very wet! We stopped at the third aid station in Fruita to warm up and regroup. All we had left was an easy 13 mile flat stretch of road back to Grand Junction. Good thing was we had a tailwind. Bad thing was it rained most of the way back. I've ridden in more rain in the last two days than I did all of last year!

We made it back to our little campsite at Mesa State College just in time to see the sun come out. Yeah! Then it was off to the shower truck for a wonderful hot shower and then a huge lunch in the dining hall.

Tomorrow is a 95 mile ride up and over Grand Mesa to Delta. 6000 ft of climbing. I have no expectations and if I get really tired and uncomfortable I will jump in the sag wagon.

More rain in the forecast. Ugh! Hopefully it will dry out before the big descent off Grand Mesa tomorrow.

Time for bed. Dad wants to start at 6 am. Ouch!