Seven weeks and counting!

I am now at seven weeks to go and getting more and more excited about the arrival of the little guy growing in my belly.  It has been a long slow process, watching my body change and grow every week.  All of a sudden time is moving faster and our due date is coming quickly.  I’m sure it’s because, as first time parents, we don’t have a clue about what to expect.  Plus we haven’t done a thing to get the baby’s room ready.  We’ve been spending all our weekends doing the house projects that have been on the “honey-do” list for the past three years.  I spent today going through the bags and bags of baby clothes we’ve been given by friends and that has got me motivated to start setting up the baby room.  Fun stuff!

Even though I feel quite large and uncomfortable I am still hiking a few times a week and doing pilates every Wednesday.  And last week I started going to a swim class for pregnant women at the YMCA.  It feels wonderful getting in a pool because you actually don’t feel pregnant!  Of course all this wears me out so I’ve been taking naps every day.  The best part about being pregnant is you can take naps and not feel guilty.  Haha!

I’m off to my midwife appointment.  I’ll keep you posted in the next few weeks.  Happy Labor Day!